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Straw Boys Irish Poitín

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Poitín, pronounced “put′ cheen,” is unaged, white whiskey that has been made in rural Ireland for decades. It’s essentially what Americans call “moonshine.” Using a mash featuring malted barley, we distill our poitín in copper pot stills at our distillery. It is hand bottled at 90 proof (45% ABV). Our poitín’s name salutes another tradition of western Ireland, where wedding crashers, who brought the bridal couple good luck, were known as “straw boys.”

Smooth and complex to taste. This is 100% malted barley so it has a great full flavor. Clear with an aroma of raw, funky farmhouse hay and clay plus corn sweetness. Sweet and spicy in the taste with mint, lemon zest, roses, pepper, citrus, macaroons and alcohol warmth — soft and nice. A light to medium body. Finishes with spices, vanilla, black pepper, flowers and alcohol warmth. Although Poitín is traditionally consumed straight, the warm and toasty flavors make a compelling cocktail as well. It makes an excellent Irish Coffee and a surprisingly excellent Irish Margarita.

2017 - American Distilling institute Best in Class and Double Gold Medal
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