Sotoleros Ensamble Lupe Lot 3

Sotoleros Ensamble Lupe Lot 3


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Picture yourself in the remote Chihuahuan desert. This is a story of survival, the story of traditional spirit makers in Northern Mexico. They represent the craft, art and culture of their land. These Vinateros have preserved these recipes throughout generations, dealing with persecution and adversity. The story of northern Mexican spirits encompasses sotol from different terroirs from the mossy forest all the way to the dry desert, but also Lechuguillas made out of diverse agaves in the low sierra in the State of Chihuahua. Older and new generations are the bond between the past and future of this once prohibited and obscure practice.

Sotoleros is a brand that is comprised by traditional Vinateros from Northern Mexico. These Vinateros work on their own and some other times in collaboration with other maestros, which was a common practice back in the days. These spirits are produced in micro batches that range from 40 to 200 liters and have their own terroir aspect that reflects the soil, vegetation and weather of every community where it is being made. The spirit that you are about to enjoy is the result of decades of tradition, effort and passion being put on its making.

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