Oak & Eden Spire Select Wheat & Spire Selected For FineCask.com

Oak & Eden Spire Select Wheat & Spire Selected For FineCask.com

Oak & Eden

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Our Oak & Eden Spire Select Wheat & Spire was chosen exclusively for our discerning customers. It's an incredibly smooth and flavorful wheated bourbon with a carefully selected combination of four elements: spirit, wood, fire, and infusion. In a traditional bourbon, you’ll find a mash bill of corn, rye, and malted barley. Swap the rye with wheat, and a whole new world of flavors open up. With all the sweetness and creaminess traditionally found in bourbon, but with virtually no bite on the finish, Wheat & Spire Spire Select is among the most pleasant and drinkable whiskeys in the Oak & Eden family. We then bring this whiskey to life with a fired French Oak spire, introducing new, silky botanicals coming naturally from the French Oak.

Oak & Eden In-Bottle Finished Whiskey is a first of its kind, pioneering a patented technique called in-bottle finishing™, where we place a 5” long spiral cut piece of wood into every bottle of our fully aged whiskey. This technique “inspires” our whiskey, breathing new life, flavors, and aromas that couldn’t be achieved in a single barrel alone.

Proof: 116

Fire: Medium

Wood: French Oak

Base: Wheated Bourbon

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