Iron Smoke Bottled in Bond Straight Bourbon

Iron Smoke Bottled in Bond Straight Bourbon

Iron Smoke Distillery

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To commemorate Iron Smoke Distillery’s 10th anniversary, we present a very special and extremely limited release, “Bottled In Bond.” The "Bottled In Bond Act of 1897” was established to create a high-quality standard for bourbon whiskey.

It authorizes that the bourbon must be aged for at least 4 years, bottled precisely at 100 proof, made by one distiller at a single distillery in one season, then aged in that distillery’s bonded warehouse.

Following these guidelines, Iron Smoke B.I.B. guarantees that this small batch is made from the highest quality local ingredients and delivers to pay homage to the great American distilling tradition.

Iron Smoke’s “Bottled In Bond” release is a testament to our craft and the legacy we continue to build in Fairport, NY.

Enjoy responsibly and thank you for your kind support.

Your Pal,


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