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Ha’penny Dublin dry gin is a small batch pot distilled gin featuring 13 expertly selected botanicals offering a unique flavour and taste inspired by Dublin.

Ha’penny is a well-rounded Gin with a slightly citrusy floral aroma and a lingering sweetness. It can be consumed neat with a drop of water but is best served with a slice of lemon and sprig of mint with tonic water. Named after the iconic Ha’penny Bridge, the Ha’penny range features Geranium, Dandelion, Lavender and Blackberry, all botanicals which would have been growing in the nearby Phoenix Park in Victorian times when the bridge was built.



Juniper berries, Blackberries, Dandelion flowers, Lavender, Geranium, Orange peel, Lemon peel, Cracked black pepper, Anise, Angelica root, Liquorice Bark, Coriander, Cassia


Floral aromas with a hint of lavender to awaken the senses, while blackberry, lavender and orange peel leave the palate with a lingering sweetness


Tonic with a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint.

  • Apple & Celery
  • Apple & Dill
  • Sage & Ginger

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