Germain-Robin Coast Road Reserve California Brandy

Germain-Robin Coast Road Reserve California Brandy


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Plenty of pinot noir brandy in this blend smooth rich, luscious fruit.

We began as the unlikely union of two creative minds: Ansley Coale, a professor driving along a Northern California highway, and Hubert Germain-Robin, a hitchhiking Cognac distiller. The two created Germain-Robin, the first California Brandy that broke free from the constraints of Cognac. They crafted their brandy with traditional alembic Cognac stills, but using unconventional, flavorful and complex California wine grapes. Embracing the rich tradition of hand-distillation while harnessing the potential of California wine, we set a new standard of excellence in brandy that has been recognized worldwide. Germain-Robin continues that tradition today – advancing the art of fine California Brandy into a new era.

The icon was created for Germain-Robin by fine woodworker and artist Taimi Barty. Beginning with an ancient Redwood Tree that had been resting at the bottom of the Big River for over a century, Barty created a one-of-a-kind print using a carefully selected slice of the tree.

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