Dictador Best Of 1980 Sherry Cask Finish Vintage Rum Rum Dictador

Dictador Best Of 1980 Sherry Cask Finish Vintage Rum


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The precious liquids in our ‘Best of’ range is a selection from our best and oldest barrels. Our immense collection of barrels, which have been developing over a century – since the opening of our distillery in 1913 – probably represent one of the most significant stocks of Fine & Rare Rums in the World today. Dictador Rum is 100% natural, without any additive color or sugar. The liquids from these old vintages are carefully chosen by our Master Distiller Hernan Parra to give the truest taste of our age-old Dictador Rum. You will fully understand the legendary Colombian flavors that are rich, deep, and luxuriously delicious, as soon as you taste this incredible Rum.

This bottle is part of a limited series – so be one of the few lucky ones to discover this unique and incredibly rare rum.

Age: The Best Of Dictador product line is represented by the best barrels selected from a batch of a particular year. The bottle contains the best rum blended from selected production batch in a moment of time.

Number of Bottles in the Batch: We use only one selected barrel for bottling. As a result, we fill around 300 bottles with this great liquid work of art. The entire process takes place at our Destilería Colombiana.

Handwritten: All labels are handwritten and signed by Master Blender, Hernan Parra.

% of alchol: Differences in percentages of alcohol come from organoleptic tests. As the spirit is taken directly from the barrel, it must be diluted, then our master blender decides which blend tastes the best with what alcohol percentage level.

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