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Our V.S. Cognac is distilled from wines of the Cognac region in a single distillery and aged in French oak casks for at least 30 months. We distill wines from three of the major crus in the Cognac region to obtain a robust, fruit-forward, and rich distillate. Maturation takes place in our cellars with 15% new barrels and 85% previously used cognac barrels. We pay close attention to the oak selection (large grains oak, 36 months dry) and toasting (high temperature) for our new barrels, which bring a great finish to our V.S.

Color: Nice amber, copper glints, limpid and shiny.

Nose: Fruit-forward (pear, raisins, dry apricot), followed by a very distinct bourbon vanilla flavor and a delicate finish starring toasted oak, light smoky notes.

Palate: Very round, soft palate, with a delicate mix of fresh grapes, winy notes, and a floral bouquet. Great finish, mixing typical French oak notes with an already oxidative prune note.
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